Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Habeebee Scholars

Okay there were many good resources out there to use but this year we decided to write our own curriculum for our children. We liked a few ideas but did not find one that suited our family, so alhamdulilah we sat down and wrote up the lessons we wanted the boys to focus on.

Habeebee Scholars In Training is the name of our curriculum and inshaAllah it will be available for those interested inshaAllah, many of our friends and loved ones went over the curriculum and gave us their honest feedback on it. Teachers have read and approved of the curriculum saying that it covers most of the core standards for Pre K and Kindergarten

We pray that as we use it, it will grow beyond Kindergarten level and gets even better inshaAllah.

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  1. assalam o alaikum...good to see this new blog...but wat i dont understand is that sice u have a two year old...r u using a curriculum designed for a pre k student for him as well???wud it be possible to get a view of the whole curriculum...i also wanted to start with teaching my 2 year old...but cant decide frim where to start??


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