Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bottle Top Bingo Addition Review

My friend Jamila, over at Successful Muslim Homeschooling made a bingo game a few weeks back. I told myself I would make one for my four year old and two year old.  It looked like a fun way to go over our addition 1 facts. I decided to do something different with this game. We have been collecting bottle tops from juice containers and decided we would use those for the bingo chips

What is great about this, is not only do they make great bingo chips but they come in different colors and sizes, which was another lesson within itself!

we used the inside of the folder to create the bingo board. Index cards for the call out facts (answers on the back) and bottle tops for chips.

It did not take a long time to collect so many tops! There are ones bigger than these that my husband used to play with the one yr old with while the others played. Chips in can but really bottle tops in a cup 

The boys had a good time and we even switched, our oldest son read the cards and my husband and I even played bingo.
Our two year old did a different game. We called out the numbers and he had to find them, for number recognition

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