Thursday, September 22, 2011

Graphing Leaves and Comparing Leaves

We had a short homeschooling week this week alhamdulilah but we were able to slide some things in today that we wanted to share with everyone.

Theres a great idea from the SEEDS Network on graphing with leaves. Not only did we take a nature walk and observed leaves the children pointed out that some of the trees did not have leaves on them. This observation helped us begin the process of explaining why leaves change color.

Tomorrow we will spend time on what helps leaves to grow, and how the weather affects them. Today we graphed the leaves by colors and how many we had of each color.

Our leaves were greeen, brown, yellow green, and purple (had lots of hints of purple in the leaves)
Takbir our oldest son, placed the leaves on the wall and Tasbeeh ..we named the colors with him also pointed to the numbers.
We then asked Takbir how many brown leaves are there and he counted them, its a good way for us to incorporate last weeks addition too, as we will use the graph to ask how any brown and green leaves all together?

We did comparisons. With this one we labeled which one was big and which one was small.
This is day one of the leaf science/ nature lesson for this week. InshaAllah we will go into more details before the end of the week. On the Habeebee Scholars In Training curriculum we have a observing insect life and nature portion.

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